A crucible of culture since pre-history and the birthplace of two of the world’s most prevalent faiths – Hinduism and Buddhism – India has captured the imaginations, and desires, of outsiders spanning from Alexander the Great to Queen Victoria.

Traveling along its sacred river, the Ganges, you will spend your days immersed in some of India’s most resplendent cities, villages, temples and forests, beginning in the teeming center of Kolkata (Calcutta). By night, you will relax in luxury aboard the Ganges Voyager, dining on cuisine inspired by local and western tastes, recanting the days experiences with fellow passengers, or gazing along the gently passing riverbanks for India’s iconic wildlife.

Over eight days, you will visit destinations across nine cities – many rarely seen by outsiders. To learn more about the itinerary, download the Ganges Voyager brochure. – See more at: http://haimarktravel.com/ships/ganges-voyager#sthash.UnTPC5TE.dpuf