The Mekong River is the source of life for the people of the nations through which she flows: they live, work, eat, sleep, and even shop on her surface and along her banks. The traditional, floating markets of Can Tho, Vietnam, offer a colorful look at the daily life on the river, bringing farmers from surrounding areas to sell or trade their produce to local restaurants, local families, and other farmers. Many Buddhist monasteries in Cambodia are built near the river to serve the rural communities in the education of their children. In the center of it all is Phnom Penh, a city of stark contrasts between the rural and urban, the fast and slow, and the rich and poor.

Southeast Asia has long been known for its storied history, ancient temples, and the smiles of its people. More recently, parts of Asia have also become known for their grand hotels; fantastic spas; innovative, healthy cuisine; and exceptional hospitality. With a desire to bring all of these together, Haimark, Ltd., conceptualized the RV Mekong Princess, a small, exclusive vessel dedicated to bringing the best spa service, Slow Food cuisine, and a unique itinerary to our guests.

Over our 7-night itinerary, you will visit places that will educate, challenge, and ultimately inspire you, seeing places few outsiders have ventured, and meeting people who have rarely, if ever, seen a Westerner. Please download the Mekong Princess brochure for more information on this incredible new spa ship and her unique itinerary.