Reception, Mekong Navigator
Le Salon, Mekong Navigator
Le Salon, Mekong Navigator
Le Marche Dining Room, Mekong Navigator
Le Marche Dining Room, Mekong Navigator
La Biblioteque, Mekong Navigator
Lobby, Mekong Navigator
Sun Deck, Mekong Navigator
Observation Lounge, Mekong Navigator
Observation Lounge, Mekong Navigator
Gym, Mekong Navigator

Public Areas


The Mekong Navigator’s Reception Center is located at the center of activity, on the Sun Deck. The administration office is located one deck below, on the Orchid Deck.


A tribute to the incredibly flavorful cruising of Southeast Asia, Le Marche will take you on a gastronomic journey of the fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables that fill the local markets. Gests will also enjoy a variety of western dishes, thoughtfully prepared to provide an array of choices throughout their experience on board. This casually elegant venue will over signature dishes accompanies by complimentary wine in a single, open, dinner seating. Breakfasts and lunches offer sumptuous buffets with extensive choices.


The Lounge on the Sun Deck is a convivial place to join friends and compare notes and photos of the day’s excursions in a spacious and inviting, climate-controlled atmosphere, while enjoying the complimentary local spirits, local beer, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and bottled water. (Premium spirits and wines are available for purchase in the Lounge and on the Sun Deck.)

Movies and documentaries related to the destination are shown in the afternoon, and local entertainment is provided on selected evenings.


Staying in contact with family and friends is easier on board the RV Mekong Navigator. Located on the Sun Deck, La Biblioteque Library and Internet Lounge is equipped with computers and WiFi, as well as a selection of books written by authors enchanted by their time in Indochina.


The Observation Deck on the Mekong Navigator is the perfect place to awaken with a fresh cup of coffee, relax with a good book, or watch the sun set with an evening cocktail. This area of the Sun Deck offers chaise lounges and comfortable, shaded, seating areas, where staff ar always available to offer a cool beverage.


The fitness center on board the RV Mekong Navigator offers modern exercise equipment to guests who wish to work off the scrumptious desserts from last night’s dinner.

La Vie Spa offers a variety of traditional massages, wraps, and aromatherapies, in two private, relaxing spa rooms on the Sun Deck.

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