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Haimark Luxury River Expeditions

For centuries, the world has been drawn to the legends and cultures of southern Asia, a cradle of nations with traditions and roots extending millennia.  India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar - their names alone evoke vivid images of places and people, art and architecture, and cuisines like none other in the world.

For each of these ancient civilizations, a river flows through its heart. The Irrawaddy bisects Myanmar - once called Burma - host to vibrant temples, pagodas, and villages, long closed to the West, that now invite exploration.  Vietnam and Cambodia, sustained by the mighty Mekong, blend colonial influences with long-standing tradition, spanning from the 12th-century Angkor Wat to the 20th-century Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City.  India, the legendary Ganges its lifeblood, has inspired writers and thinkers since long before Kipling, with a vibrancy that pulsates within this emerging economic powerhouse.

To experience such rich environments, only travel by river can provide the access, the pace, and the continuous beauty that they deserve.  Aboard one of Haimark's exclusive river ships, you will venture into the soul of each storied setting, visiting cherished and iconic sites by day and enjoying 5-star hospitality and luxury by night.  

Aboard the Irrawaddy Explorer, the Mekong Navigator, or the Ganges Voyager, you will enjoy the sanctity of a private suite and world-class dining-courtesy of Culinary Director, Chef Jorg Penneke-merged with premiere accommodations.  

From an on-board spa featuring regional and Western treatments, to luxuriously appointed lounges where you can enjoy handcrafted cocktails, you will find your home on the water a retreat to relax and internalize the sights and sounds from each day's excursions on shore.

Experience Asia, experience Haimark..


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